14 June 2008

Birthday post

...well the birthday is over, Charlie brought me the top gift out of his own pocket money. It's a fairy which has escaped out of it's jar.
The second gift is a lovelinks, you can add other beads in different designs and colours. These were specially picked by Tim.
Also had the loveliest words in my sons card: You are the most greatest woman alive 3 cheers for mum hip hip horray for mum. Love from your sun Charlie
I think the mis spelling of the word son is so appropiate. I just love this 8 year old.
I was spoilt this year and even managed to buy an ipod nano (Blue) out of the money I received. Thank you everyone for such kind gifts, I am such a lucky person.

I also had some yummy chocs which our dog ate and was then VERY ill.

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