23 September 2008

Storage bag for NEW sissix machine...

Well Ros wore me down Haha. She has been singing the praises of this machine for a while and I finally caved.
I was going to purchase a 12" QK platform when Tim offered to pay half towards the bigKick. I jumped at the chance.
I LOVE it!!!
I wanted a storage device to keep it dust free when not in use.

Because the machine is heavy I needed some strong material. I had been saving the fishy material for a while, waiting for something special...

I made 2 sides out of red and 2 sides out of white (to match the
The handles are made from cotton strips sewn together then sewn on as side panels, I thought this would help reinforce the strength of the bag.
I finished it off with a tag made from the machine packaging. On the back I stamped my details.

1 comment:

Househund said...

I am really impressed with your Big Kick Bag... but your sewing skills have always amazed me..I don't know one end of a needle from the other.
Adrore the fish ....
Another WOW Lorna!