30 November 2008

2008 (Homemade) Advent Calendar.

All the mini stockings are material scraps, with a thin ribbon stitched on as a hanging loop.
The numbers have been cut (QK merry numbers) from metallic tape (used by plumbers) then stuck to a circle (QK gumball machine) disc and using my Xyron machine this disc has then been attached to the stocking.
I had some cotton tape onto which I have handstitched 24 buttons.
Then hung a stocking from each button.
Each stocking has a little chocolate treat.


Househund said...

I can't beleive all the work you put into making all those mini stockings...
How wonderful!!!

Kaylee Huitt said...

Heya smelly its Kaylee from work if you cant remenber lol
just thought i would leave a comment anywhere coz i didnt know where to put them. Your so creative Lorna what are we going to do with out you when you leave??? going to miss you!!