27 January 2009

Hello BOT!

Be warned I am going to brag about my son.
Last year he invented a cartoon character called BOT. He has appeared on many pictures since and even some cards.
Yesterday Charlie had to go into hospital (more about this below). As a suprise I brought BOT to life for him, well in toy form.
It is made from a scrap of suedette material. The eyes and mouth are foam and the flames are felt.
Poor Charlie had to have a some extra teeth removed. Even the surgeon was suprised at the size of them for extra teeth. We thought they were both behind the front teeth but actually one was in front and one behind. It has left him with very wobbly front teeth for a while, having to be very careful about what he eats and no physical activity (ie P.E) for 4 weeks. He was so so brave and it was a horrid day having to watch him go through it.
Today he can feel the stitches and swelling is uncomfortable but he is now home and recovering well. The hospital staff on the Timpson ward were great.
Lastly a quick hug for Kaylee, a friend of mine she was invloved in a car accident which wrote off the car she was travelling in and it shook her up alot. Hope you feel okay now.


Kaylee said...

That is such a cool Robot Charlie!
Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks for the mention Lorna.



Househund said...

Oh how presious..What a wonderful mum you are... I bet Charlie was over the moon.
How encouraging to have a character brought to life.. so to speak...
Well Done You