18 February 2009

Snow pictures

Just a few of the MANY we took...

The view from our front window - all white and magical and just shouting to be run around in!
This shows how deep it was - 6 1/2 inches on some parts of the front garden.

 Charlie & Sid the Snowman, built with Dads help.

Snow Bunny, built with Mums help.

I am a big snow fan but even I was glad when it went away, mainly because it became lethal to move around in! When it went everything looked dull and wet so guess I'm never happy LOL


Kaylee said...

Cool Snowman n Bunny not as good as mine though lol. Havnt seen you in ages :(

Househund said...

How wonderful a snow bunny...
The snow is such fun...

It's a good job you got some good pics cause the snow doesn't last very long.
It's such a shame.