20 August 2009

one special friend..

This is a layout which I made about Charlies imaginary friend (called "Friend"). He was around for many years and then one day-just stopped being there. Because he was such a big part of Charlies life I didn't want him forgotten.
This layout is more of a document as there are no photos of "Friend". I wanted it to be very dreamlike so when I saw the Sarrafass papers I knew I had the perfect layout. I loved this paper but felt it was a picture on its own and very busy so all the elements were cut out and used. I had already completed a layout on this subject but was never happy with it due to a bodged mistake. I am so pleased with this one.
These hearts are handmade (appear in the previous post), the little red ones are cut from the paper.
The letters were originally covered in pet related paper, I sanded them down to the white layer, painted them in thick acrylic paint, when dry (again) sanded them so the white showed through. The smaller letters are die cut (QK Khaki) from scraps of the Sarrafass paper.
I LOVVEEEE this deer silohuette and wanted to use on a very special layout, the spots were covered with some mutlicoloured gems, the speech bubble was cut from scrap paper and to this was added the definition of word imagine (cut from an old dictionary), the word imaginary has been underlined.
How stinking cute is this Edwin stamp!!! Scan the stamped image into the computer and print multiple times onto glossy paper, cut out and add to pale blue paper, cut close to the design to leave thin border, then attach to layout. A slit was cut into the basket he's holding and a heart added.
Definately a way to make more of your stamps and a technique I will be trying again.
THANK YOU Ros for Edwin and helping further my stamping techniques and skills.

For the journalling I drew some pencil lines and left them on the layout to make it more childlike, the words Friend and Boy were drawn over two or three times to make them stand out from the text. The writing isn't as difficult to read as it looks on this posting but in a way I like that cos it keeps it more personal for my son, I wrote it as if I was telling a child the story of a young boy and his imaginary friend.


Kaylee said...

i wish i had an imaginary friends when i was little :) i used to tlk to my cat lol. Your Layout's are cool :) Kaylee x

Househund said...

Oh how cute.. Great L/O Lorna..
Not sure Charlie will want to remember this when he gets older lol
Don't forget you can click mirror image on the printer.. make Edwin face the other way!!