28 August 2009

our very own BABY GRUMPLING...

This layout is a rare one for me. I actually had the embellishments that I wanted to use and the photo all ready beforehand. Usually I have a jumble of ideas (and mess on the table) before starting and it all changes. I usually collect various items, some of them get used some don't, but with this one I used all the ones selected.
I don't really keep or take photos of my boys crying but Alfie has a time of day (like us all!) when he is the grumpiest baby and nothing consoles him. It's from 5-7pm, so avoid our house at this time LOL. We call him Baby Grumpling, a character from the Perishers, a cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror that I have always loved.
As it is part of his daily routine I wanted to record this because (hopefully) there will be a time when he grows out of it and it will be forgotten.
The layout has alot of blue to mirror the mood. The cartoon Strips are taken from my Perishers book and I have pencil coloured the Baby Grumpling character but have left the rest as it comes.
Background paper/Letter Stickers: Basic Grey
Journalling Stamp: Stamps Away
Arrows/Speech Marks: Scrapbook Magazine Free Papers
Quite a simple yet striking Layout.

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