4 September 2009

GUEST BLOGGER: 9 year old Charlie

This is the day we got the new car.Dad says its mums car because its got her intials on it.
its got 4 doors, lights, tables and much more.
I say "its the best car in the WORLD".
The middle seat turns into a armreast (I would live in it)
Its a nissan note we always see them but we never see a red one.


Househund said...

Hello Charlie.. I might just come and live in that new car with you as it looks so nice.

No Sticky Fingers aloud!!!!

I like anything red.. it's the same colour as Santa

Kaylee said...

WOW charlie nice car, my fav colour :) I love having an armrest in my car really comfy :)

Kaylee x

Anonymous said...

it cant be the best car in the world coz that would be made of chocolate!!!!!!!
he he
naomi xxxx