21 September 2009

Remember this guy?

This is Bot (first featured Jan 27th 09). He was created by Charlie, my talented son.
Well I have just discovered knitting after purchasing a lets start knitting kit from TKMaxx.
(Due to having a baby that has forgotten how to sleep scrapping has taken a backseat for the moment but knitting I can do when he is sleeping on me and i'm tied to the sofa.)
My nan taught me when I was young so I can do the basic stitch and this was so easy to make, he is actually my second one Charlie has the first attempt and even though I have tweaked the design since he doesn't want another one cos he has the first knitted one!
This little Bot is being posted to my nephew as we speak. He loves Charlies designs and actually invented his own Bots, the sketches are sitting on the fridge and will still be there when he has his own children LOL
Thanks for looking.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh its bot!!!!! isnt he great!!!!! you and charlie will have to go on dragons den as business partners to get these little guys in shops LOL!!!!! there could be a whole collection of them!!!!!
naomi xxxx