6 February 2010

Nothing exciting...

This little laddie passed his health check yesterday, the doctor put the stethascope on his chest and as it passed his face he tried to eat it!!
He looks starved doesn't he?!
He has also started to climb down steps by crawling backwards, this is something that he started to do with no help from us. His little brain amazes me it's seems too clever for his young body.

Never underestimate the elderly:
Charlie and I walking to school and a lady with a stick came shuffling along and asked if the bus had passed. We said didn't know as just got on the street, as we passed her we could see it coming up the road so we called her and pointed to the bus.
This is no joke...she picks up her stick and runs faster than I could to the bus stop.
I daren't turn round in case she fell but Charlie watched her cos we couldn't believe it.

Well craft wise I have nothing to post because I have been working on Charlies Journal. I really need to start Alfie as well, it's amazing how quick I forget things at the moment.

Have good weekend X


Househund said...

OMG... I cannot believe how grown up Alfie looks in this picture

Annalisa said...

:D ehehehe funny about the lady with the walking cane..I saw the same scene sometimes here too!

Alfie, he looks sooo nice! :) Wonderful pic!

Can't wait to see more of your scrapping works :)


Anonymous said...

I love this photo of Alfie, he is so gorgeous xxx
From Katie