22 March 2010

It was a CRAZY day...

...well a CRAZY HATs day.
We have a local charity called CRAZY HATS Appeal and they raise alot of money for Breast Cancer. They recently purchased a new machine for the local hospital so you actually know the money is being put to good use.
Every year they do a 5 mile walk around Wicksteed park wearing a Crazy hat and Charlie did it this year with his Nanny.
We (me and Alfie, dad was working) were going to meet him and cheer him on. I say "Were going to" because Alfie fell asleep when he left and woke just as he rang to say he'd finished.
He did it in 1hour 45mins.
And got his first ever medal.
VERY proud of him, and his decorated hat which he did all by himself.


PS: Someone asked if the folder in the last post FROM THE HEART was a QK one. It is a Goosebumpz folder from the QK LOVE set.
PPS: The soldier is a Queens Guard (I think don't quote me) he's a very special limited edition figure Playmobil from Harrods many years ago. He did lose his gun to a hoover.
Thanks for noticing him.


Househund said...

Well Done Charlie.
I think you should be very proud of yourself walking 5 miles
Your hat if very eye catching. I was quite fancying those feathers.. I love the colours.

Househund said...

I'm sure your heart was with with him every step of the way Lorna.
Of course Alfie was tired just thinking about it lol

Annalisa said...

what a lovely hat!!!:)Good Charlie!!! and for a very good cause!
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog,