29 March 2010

Laptop covers

Well, Charlie and myself were getting bored of our black laptops. It is alot of black, they are both the same and we wanted them to be different:

This is Charlies...
We are BIG Gruffalo fans in this house, in fact anything by this lady is fantastic.
The Monkey Puzzle and Squash & Squeeze are fantastic and have very clever messages.

This is mine...I wanted a story book effect.
This one used the gorgeous Paperchase wrapping paper. The deer is an enlarged version of the Sassafrass fawned of you paper range.
These are so easy to create...using good old sticky back plastic.

  Tim is now a year older.
  Alfie is becoming a little person with the funniest personality.
  Charlie performed his lines and dance in assembly perfectly.
  In todays Mass he was a disciple but we had to leave early because Alfie is such a chatterbox and it's not fair to the children who have practised their lines.
  I saw a perfect rainbow and it was a double: one above the other...amazing.
  Charlie has tidied his bedroom and is having a friend to sleep over Easter half term.
  History project finished and handed in fingers crossed for good mark.
  Everyone in our house is getting excited because a certain person in our house is becoming the big ONE.


naomi said...

cool!!!!! like your lorna but gotta say i love charlies gruffalo one!!!! what a clever pair you are xxx
happy birthday to little alfie tommorow, cant believe he is gonna be 1 already : )
have fun and save us some cake xxx

Househund said...

Firstly well done on completing your history project. I am sorry that you will have not problem and predict a fantastic result.
The lap tops look really fantastic I very much like what's you've done with them. I'm sorry to say but I think Charlies if my fav...(sorry)I just love the monster and the mouse.. hahah
Good Luck for the Big Day tomorrow.. baby Alfie will be one!