24 May 2010

Poorly Baby In the house :(

This little baby is very poorly at the moment.
Putting down to combo of teeth/weather/cold/cough.
Thankfully today he seems to be picking up and is actually happy to play.

Because I have been tied to the sofa giving lots of Mummy love it has given me a chance to change my blog, was getting bit bored with other layout.
Hope you like the new look :)


C B Wright said...

love the new look. im sure everyone will agree that its great news knowing that hes better today afer a river of sick.

lots of love,

Househund said...

Oh our poor little Alfie..
Of course he needed lot's of Mummy cuddles.
I ADORE his picture on the top of you blog..
I feel like giving him a cuddle myself..aaaawwww.
Yes like the new lay..not sure why you can't get the side bits to work.????