7 June 2010


How lucky am I ????
This bundle of goodness was part of my pressies.
Big brown folder is a Tim Holtz clear stamp storage, Orange tool is a Big Bite (tool which means I can punch holes in the middle of 12x12 paper).
These gorgeous boxes came were brought from Spain by my Mother in Law.
The inside design is same as the outside, they are so stinking cool.
(guess who loves Ladybirds)
Part of pressies bundle was TKMaxx voucher and they had this Magpie storage unit.
Debated about buying this but then thought can always return it.
Just holds alphabets, the top row holds non QK, am going to add mini handles to these boxes so they match tins.
Taken the drawer out and sat on top to hold embossing folders, where the drawer was now holds Sizzix/Qk ideas book and folder with 4x8/nestabilities.

Of course this purchase meant craft room move around.
The shelf which held the QK alphas now holds the ladybird boxes and filling these has enabled me to empty 2 drawers and half a shelf. My craft room has space...hmmmm don't think this will last long...
Contents of Charlies pockets:
He loves his little play figures and plays with them till they disintegrate.
We can't complain that he doesn't get moneys worth.

Charlie loves him and Alfie matching.
I'm not a big fan of dressing them the same but Charlie is, having a 10 year age gap it's a hard order to fill.

Thanks for looking.


nimnam said...

i love the ladybird boxes, very cool!!!
is the yellow tool in top picture a brad maker????
ha ha i have found funnier things in charlies pockets before now like leaves and seeds and stones!!!! all been washed!!!!
will have to have a look round for matching tops for alfie and charlie. they look so sweet & very cool!!!!
hope char ok back at school, start the countdown for big hols xxx
glad you had nice bday sis xxx lol

Sarah Lou said...

Oh wow! you are one lucky woman!!!

Househund said...

Ohhh Goodies.
Adore the ladybird boxes.. what a brillient mother in law!
Welcome to the big bite club.
I see your an Alice in wonderland fan.. as am I.
I think Alfie and Charlie look amazing together.
and Why can't I find goodies at TKMaxx