15 July 2010


The top card is for a male turning 80.
(but don't tell everybody)
Alot of layering, colour matching and keeping it simple:
This is for someone who loves her teddy "Henry".
The flowers match the ones on the wrapping paper but it's to small for you to see on photo:

2 things I learnt this week: How to sew button holes AND how to sew neat corners.
Pat on back to me LOL :)

Thanks for looking :)


Househund said...

Great Work.
I love the card you've done for the 80 year old.. I am hopeless at making cards for men.. so I'll be using this idea.
and I know your friend is going to love her teddy card.
So much nicer to have a card made esp for you..!

Annalisa said...

What a lovely card!!!:) LOVE the colours and the pic is just too sweet...:)
You always make such pretty and sweet works...:)