27 July 2010

My gorgeous nephews and an Oh No!!

I thought it was about time I featured my gorgeous nephews in their own layouts, so here goes:

This  is Daniel and at 3 years old he is a master of the STEP game on Wii fit. It is amazing to watch as he follows the actions on the screen in time and rarely misses.
These actually show him on another game flying like a bird and his expression is priceless:

Here is Declan and not only is he a great boy but also an amazing artist. He sends Charlie lots of his artwork and we keep it all. On our last visit I managed to capture him in action.
The characters in the drawing are him and Charlie as shown by the letters on their chests:

And the Oh No!
I wanted some buttons for the top layout but as I lifted the lid this happened...
...I was left holding the top half of the jar and the buttons went everywhere!
The jar is very thick and didn't have any cracks so not sure why it happened.
Might be on the lookout for plastic storage.


Sarah Lou said...

that cracks me up!! i cant do the step game to save myself!!!
Love these layouts! I love how you put things together!!

I feel for you with the button spillage, Ive done it a few times.
I saw on a blog header recently - she had old gumball machines and they were just filled with buttons - thats my dream storage for buttons!

Househund said...

Great layouts.. it's fantastic that you captured the artist at work..
I suppose you'll be taking another trip to idea.. that's where I got my button jar. Hope Alfie didn't get his hands on any of your buttons!