26 September 2010

This weekend...and a new notebook...

Let's start with the weekend:
Alfie did his first drawing...with felt tip pens,
Charlie brought some new furry Gogos.
Family Catch Up:
Alfie now sings: If you're happy and you know it, will clap and sing (using words only mummy knows),
Round and round the garden, will hold out hand and say "Tickle"
Joined 2 words: "Hello Charlie",
Saw picture of dog said "Woof",
Said "Thank you",
Waves and says "Bye",
Loves saying "Hello".
Charlie has his paperwork to choose a senior school.


nimnam said...

hello, sorry i havent commented on here for a while.
how cute, little alfie is bless him, he'll soon be able to tell you what he wants for christmas!!!!
i'm looking forward to seeing charlies new blog he he!!!!
loving the notebooks lorna, thank you so much formine, it is being used as a fimo ideas book, at the moment it has a list of all the things i want to buy for my projects!!!
what a good way of using up old t shirts xxx hope ur making loadsa money for them all xxxx speak soon xxx

Anonymous said...

Little man is growing up far to quickly, bless him! Loving the new notebooks, clever you! Autumn is my favorite season too. You probably guessed that on Friday when we were looking for conkers :)
From, Katie x

Jacc Batch said...

My favourite season too!

Lorna May said...

Katie found the biggest conker ever on Friday. There are some real whoppers this year...