25 November 2010

What have we been upto??

Well...busy, busy, busy...
Charlie has had workshops to attend regarding his choice of senior school.
Alfie is still running everywhere and saying more each day.
We did the Kettering Heritage Trail and Charlie won!!
Had a pyjama day:
(he's purposely sleeping because he has pjs on)
Found a way to transport children when no trolley available..
We have watched Toy Story 3 more times than is healthy.
Finished Christmas shopping...need to buy cards now..

What has everyone else been upto?

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Annalisa said...

Hello there!
Long time no see- I'm so sorry!Well as you can see I have just been randomly posting on "Home & Heart" but not on cooking easy. I have just been too busy and I'm trying to catch up on some posts just these days. I hope you're fine and getting ready for Christmas.
Take care,