18 January 2011

This year i will....

...be starting my craft/art journal.
I have no excuses after getting this (oh my gosh) gorgeous blank A4 journal and a great "How To..." guide for Christmas.
Thank You Ros.
The guide book is perfect:
}it's tiny so can easily be carried around.
 }is full of snippets of writing broken up by the most fantastic drawings and photos.
}has green coloured pages mixed in with white.
}it's quirky and fun.
}is exactly how I want my journal to be.

Trouble is when I open the blank journal and see the big white page...arrgggghhh...
where do i start???
What if it goes wrong???

I'm partly excited to start it and partly scared but one thing is certain

Some great inspiration blogs:
(I love the textures added to this project)


Vix said...

what a fab idea! I have to say the best way to start is just put pen to paper... it can't go wrong because every page has a reason and meaning... For me all sketchbooks/journal have good pages, bad pages and ok pages but isn't that just like life?

Thanks for featuring my blog :)

Good luck, can't wait to see what you come up with!


Househund said...

Go on take the plunge into the world of jounaling.
You can't do anything wrong it's your work... there's nobody to tell you its wrong.
I sometime wish I have got you a smaller blank book.. maybe it wouldn't have seem so frightening.
Still... a person needs room to express themselves hahahha