3 March 2011

Bits & Pieces.

Well firstly I bagged myself the best Charity Shop find EVER!
Ever heard of J.L.Carr. Great author and eccentric local man, amongst his talents he drew amazing county maps. I have been after a Northamptonshire one for many years.
I found one in a charity shop, framed, for ... £4.00 I was was worried would get to counter and it would be priced wrong.
£4.00 ... worth the nightmare of getting it home BUT the where shall I put it??

Alfie has been helping me make cards:

AND had his first (much needed) haircut:
They gave us a certificate with his first cut curl.

Tim brought me a new sewing machine
The other one has a part that keeps snapping off :o(

Completed my first notebook cover on it last night :o)

Tomorrow Charlie has World Book Day and has chosen to go as Mad Hatter...
...watch this space for photos!!


Househund said...

~Who's a lucky girl then
A new sewing machine. WOW
I can't think of anyone that deserves it more.
The mousebook notebook is fab.
How did you make the mouse?

Looking forward to seeing all the things you will make with your new machine.

nimnam said...

so alfie is a little card maker in the making then????? you have to open ur own family run craft shop!!!
cant believe alfies hair had grown so long bless him lol, its finally catching him up xxxx

Lorna May said...

The mouse has been cut from a recycled childs top :o)