11 December 2011

A long catch up ...

This blog post has been a long time coming BUT all I would have to blog about lately is school runs and illness.
Firstly poor Alfie had a virus about a month ago and since then he has struggled to pick up and get himself better, even Charlie had time off school:
(the little tuft of hair peeping by the feet is actually a toddlers head!)

We have had a new addition to the family:
**Joey Timothy**
My toddler is no longer the baby cousin...

We also celebrated the eldest childs 12th birthday.
Time has gone soooo fast...too fast really, but he's growing into a young man whom we are very proud of.
This was celebrated in style.
First event - birthday tea at Nans house.
Second event - Cinema with friends to see (a brilliant, and highly recommended film)
Arthur Christmas
followed by Pizza Hut tea...
Third, and final event - games night and pizza at Uncle Jacc and Craigs house
(Uncle Jacc does get competitive hehe)

Charllie performed in the town centre lights switch on with Starlight.
(My lad is the tall one at the back)
He has also got the job of school librarian, following an application form and interview.
Very impressed with how he is doing at senior school, even moved up a Maths group which is a major accomplishment.
Alfie has been picked to be a star in his playschool nativity next week so fingers crossed he is well.

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