3 March 2008

Happy Mothers Day

These are my mothers day gifts. All chosen by my 8 year old who refused help from his dad. He even put his own spending money in to buy them. He put the photos in the frame himself from his photo box.
An extra special bonus was that the mug plays "you are my sunshine" a song I always tell my son is about him. They didn't even know it was musical.
We went to Northampton, had a meal nothing fancy but saved cooking! We` were going to go to one of my favourite places Abington Park (was going to use it as a photo opportunity for a mini album) but during lunch the weather changed so we are leaving it for a warmer day.

Thank you for a great Mothers day.
Another bonus is that Lewis (Morse spin off) is back on the box, worth waiting up for.

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orange you lucky! said...

All great choices, but I love the mifi best. I didn't know that in UK mothers day comes so early. I have to wait until spring:(