23 June 2008

Cards (A first for me!)

Okay don't laugh because this is my first attempt at card making. There are some talented card makers amongst my friends and family so I tend to stick to scrapbooking but after being given some Melissa Francis rub-ons with birthday greetings I was inspired to give it a go. I set myself a task to use only materials that I hadn't used before.
Materials used: Gold sticky paper for the Bosskut crown, patterned brads, silver stickles (which cover the dots on the pink balloon), birthday backing paper, QK bookplate.
I made 7 in total and someone actually asked to take one of them for a friend so they can't be that bad. LOL

On a negative note after seeing the nurse about pain in my ear I have been advised not to wear my headphones til it's healed...No Ipod!! after all that time to get it sorted.....

1 comment:

Househund said...

Lorna... No one would ever have guessed that this was your first attempt at card making

They are modern and Fresh..and I think they are so you...
Now you have to do both.. card making and scrapping..

Shame about your ipod..
hope you ear is better soon