20 September 2008

Another storage container.

My QK dies are stored in magpie tins. I wanted something that resembled one of these to store my non QK dies because alot of brands are larger in size.
I stuck lucky when my Mother In Law was throwing out an old biscuit tin, the size and shape were perfect.
I sprayed it blue (the original QK colour) admittedly I had help after discovering there is a knack to spray painting!

I cut the bookplate out 4 times, layered them then embossed the top layer with silver powder to give that metallic look.
The handle is from a pack of 6 by Ikea. This was fixed on by my husband, I am not trusted with a drill due to it being sharp and electrical...

This is the inside of the tin.

These are the handmade index cards. I tried to get them to look like the actual company logos.

1 comment:

Househund said...

You have such an eye for making something out of nothing...
The Tin looks great!