9 January 2009

Another layout and another bug!

My boy is poorly again, the third time since his birthday in Dec. He slept and ate nothing for the first 24 hours. But it has given me time to work on some layouts. I need to get some half finished projects done before the baby comes.

This was a mega quick layout and not a favourite of mine but is of Charlies.

It is made to show how he rarely sits still, even when watching TV, and if he does grab a chair this is the best we can hope for.
I kept the bottom border simple and used a mixture of collage (cut from old annuals) and clothes tags. They are just a few of the regular programmes/DVDs he watches.
The alpha is BK Licourice.
I tried to do the journalling block in the shape of tv remote, the wording doesn't show very well but don't mind as it nice to keep it personal. This block was actually a happy accident cos I wrote straight onto the paper and it went wrong...

1 comment:

Househund said...

OH I remember those days when My dearling daughter wouldn't sit still... it will all to soon change.. and you won't be able to shift him.

It's a great Picture..
I have to catch Rachael when she's not looking as she hates having her picture taken..

Another Great Layout.