6 January 2009

Guest blogger: My 9 year old son...

This is my rabbit (George) as a baby but his huge now.
This is my favourite picture of him because it was his first time on the floor (but also it's my favourite just because he looks so cute).

This picture was taken on Christmas Day, it's me playing the drums that I got from mum and dad. I don't know if you've seen these drums before but they have got loads of pictures of Spongebob Squarepants on.
I am practising lots of tunes ready for my brother Alfie when he is born. He is coming in 12 weeks time (which is actually in 3 months).

This is my sons guest post, all his own work. Thanks for looking.


Househund said...

Hey Charlie...Love the drum kit
It's really great to see you enjoying your Christmas Presents..
That makes it all worth while for your Mum and Dad.

I Love your Rabbit I used to have Three of my own they were called Moppet, Mitten and Roger.
Hope he's cuddled in nice and warm in this really cold weather.

Kaylee said...

That is a well cool drumkit Charlie :) Your mum and dad must love it haha.

naomi said...

great drums charlie...but dont think I would want declan to have any!!!!! Bit too noisy for me!!!!!
Im sure alfie will love to watch you play though, not long to wait now, i think i am as excited as you, cant wait to meet him!!!
See you soon and well done writing such a great blog xxxxx
Love auntie naomi xxxxx