17 May 2009

Wow, time to catch up...

I have just realised when my last blog posting was! Ekkk! That's terrible. However I do have a very good excuse. I have been busy with a new addition to our family.

Introducing ALFIE JAMES. 8lb 3oz of scrumptiousness.Here he is with BIG bro and what a great big bro he is, he plays the role to perfection and we are so proud of him.Well this is a rare one: Me in a photo!!One of my favourites taken Tuesday. What a difference a month makes...now weighing in at 10lb 11oz, starting to smile, turns to look at things, sleeping 6hours at night (to be fair he is awake most of the day to make up for this LOL) and developing his own character.I can't believe he is 6 weeks old already, growing fast (too fast), he is becoming his own person and learning new things everyday. I won't lie it hasn't been easy and the first 3 weeks were the hardest but worth it. After a 9 year gap it is like starting again, all the dos and don'ts have changed so much, you think you will never forget but you do and don't realise how much you forget.
We tried for a baby for years and had accepted being a family of 3 so this little bundle of joy was a suprise and i am finally realising he is here to stay.


naomi said...

omg...mini me tim!!!!!!!! he really does look different,
cant wait to see him again soon xxx

naomi said...

ps) i think you need to update your profile...mother of 2!!!!

Househund said...

What a darling family you have.
Alfie is so sweet and Charlie is such a darling.
And it's actually nice to see Mum!!
we'll forgive you for not posting.

Kaylee said...

Oh my goodness how cute is he in the last pic. He looks like you lorna :) can't wait to see him on Thursday. Give everyone my love kaylee x