4 October 2009

Autumns here!! My favourite season!!

I have decided on a sunday I am going to list 5 things from the previous week. I wanted the blog to be for craft and not become a baby blog but I do note when my sons achieve something that makes me proud. Trouble is I often forget to write it down so this new feature will act as a reminder when I am having a "Brain Drain" moment! Lol

Five things from this week:
1: Alfie had his last bath in the kitchen sink!
2: Charlie picked up hoops from the bottom of the pool in swimming class.
3: My BMX is now officially Charlies new bike (to be fair I've only rode it twice!)
4: I went out with a friend childless for first time since Alfie born.
5: Alfie has now offically outgrown his baby car seat!

On a craft note I made a rag book (do you remember these??) for some reason you can no longer buy them so I brought some Thomas Tank Engine panels and voila! It was so easy I think there may be more making there way to the toybox.

1 comment:

Househund said...

Love the picture of the leaves.. reminds me that I have a camera I should be using lol
Autumn is also my favorite time of year.. the chill in the air.. that makes you want to be cuddled up at home, the amazing colours that are everywhere which way you turn....

And what's this a night out without you family...lol I think they will survive while Mum has a little "Me Time".
Looking forward to seeing the pics of your rag book!!!