27 October 2009


The Front Door.

2 Scary Monsters!
It took (many) shots to get this one, but worth it.

Pin Pants on Frankenstein.
Our take on the old Pin the tail on the donkey.

They decorated Ghost biscuits.
In all honesty they iced the biscuit licked it off and did it again!

The Party Bags.
These cups were my bargain buy last Halloween 50p each. Just filled them full of spooky goodies.
We also had a pinata which we tied to a tree on the green. Blindfold a 9year old and give them a stick! It was all good fun and no one got hurt. We only had 4 (including Charlie) but it was enough. LOL
The best buy was some bright yellow tape (like what police use at a crime scene) with the words DANGER DO NOT ENTER, this was placed around the house cordoning off the areas I didn't want the children enter. Might use this around my craft room just for the family LOL.

My 5 things from this week:
1.Charlie had Wear It Pink Day-he wore pink socks.
2.Half Term Started.
3.Alfie can now sit unaided for (very) short periods.
4.I now have brown hair. (Never put colour in my hair before, the lady also straightened it another first for me.)
5.Ordered a black Wii as our Family Christmas present.

On personal note I am avoiding ketchup after sitting on a sauce sachet! The funny thing was I looked for it before sitting down but couldn't find it.


Househund said...

Oh Wow... How fun does it look at your house.
I miss haveing a little one around.. I have nobody to be a big kid with.
The photo of the boy on the front step is presious... the look on Alfies face and Charlie looks so wicked eating his cookie.
Pin the pants.. What a fantastic Idea....
I'm so pleased that a good time was had by all.. now all me need a picture of your new hair do!!!!!!
as we say in Wales.. or Style is said elsewhere. lol

Kaylee said...

WOW!! Looks like it was a great party and Alfie looks so cute in that outfit! Hopefully see you soon, Kaylee x

Annalisa said...

aww, your little boys look really nice in their Halloween's costumes!
Lovely to see the effort you put in doing all those things, and your children look so happy-seems that you enjoyed the day!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh alfie looks so sweet, i could eat him xxxx
wheres the pic of your hair???
love naomi xxxxx