24 October 2009

Album cover makeover...

Last year I redid my baby album as the old photo album had started to "eat" the photos.
I don't know why but I decided to do a pink cover with purple writing, perhaps because I was a baby girl! BUT I don't really like pink or purple!!
So I decided to redo it. (I haven't ran out of projects it just annoys me having pink paper on my shelf). The covers are made from dressing up dolls which I love. I have a collection which was hoping to pass to a daughter some day. I did pass some to my niece and kept some with scrapbooking in mind.
The letters are foam stamps which I stamped onto scrap paper a couple of times before stamping onto the dictionary pages, this is so the wording shows through. I then cut them out leaving a border.
I originally stamped the letters straight onto the material binding using paint and it didn't work! The second result looks alot better and it's a technique I will use agin.

1 comment:

Househund said...

I remember those paper dolls..lol
The cover looks great...Love the foam stamps.. You reminded me that I have some tucked in my stamp box...
Great work as always.. and not a hint of pink!!!