23 October 2009

An old layout

This layout shows the boys first joint outing to the park. Guess which one had the most fun??

Since taking this photo I have replaced the blue strip and word park for a strip torn from a dictionary and put charlie and alfies initals.
The title has been cut using a QK cookie cutter alphabet.
The green border at the top is an Xcut border.
The paper strips are torn from a dictionary and then stamped.
The pictures at the side are from an advertising leaflet and have gently rubbed an inkpad over them as they were very bright.
Along the sides of the layout I have rubbed an inkpad so as to give the layout movement.

Thanks for looking


Annalisa said...

hi there Lorna,
I've just seen this last entry and I really loved it..I don't know much about scrapping-I suppose here in Italy is much less diffused than there in the UK- but I admit, it really looks amazing!You really seem to have skills! Have a look at my blog if you want, I have another passion, which is cooking..feel free to leave a comment,hope you'll enjoy it!I will keep visiting your wonderful blog,

Martina said...

Thank you so much for your comment...I've been to Scotland with my family this year for 2 weeks and it's been a wonderful experience!It really looks soooo different from Sardinia!I loved the small towns,the big ones like Glasgow,the countryside and the people indeed..I kinda miss it sometimes!I bet England is as beautiful as Scotland..gotta visit it!Oh and your blog looks great :D, u are really good at scrapping...I noticed that in Scotland they sold much stuff for scrapping, here in Italy they don't!Look forward to seeing other works from you!