18 October 2009

It's Sunday again!

This is what greets people passing our house.
Charlie window art, the spider is his own design.
Next weekend he is having 4 friends to a Halloween tea (not a party!) so we have started to prepare early.

Well time for the list:
1. Monday Charlie went to ILAM. His first residential school trip.
2. Wednesday Charlie came home from ILAM. Boy was it a long week! (Watch this space, guest blog post coming soon)
3. I had Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough ice cream for the first time ever! So scrummy yummy!!
4. Started Christmas Shopping (couldn't hold off any longer, I really did try!).
5. Painted our windows with Halloween Pictures.

Thanks for looking. Life seems to have taken over at the moment and craft has taken a back seat but next week this will be different.


Kaylee said...

Wht a busy week for you, hope Charlie had fun! i remember when i went to my first residential in Govilon, so much Fun! Kaylee x

Househund said...

LOve the window.. what fun...!!!
Tell Charlie that he and I LOVE the same icecream...He has good taste.
Can't wait for the guest blog..will we get to hear about Charlies trip?

Anonymous said...

how did you do that on the windows? it looks wicked, naomi xx