11 October 2009

It's Sunday already!

Another week gone too fast. Time for this weeks list:

1. The boys had their first professional photo taken.
2. Alfie sits himself up when leaning against something.
3. Tim brought me House:Season 5 (Love this show).
4. Alfie managed to roll further than I thought he could, got hold of red felt tip pen and dyed his hands red for day and half (still has traces 5 days later!).
5. Found out how far ketchup flies when you tread on squeezy bottle!!

Plus an extra one:
6. Found out in America the new Itop tool is available in Black so will wait to see if it comes out over here. (How cool would an orange handled tool be!!)

Not had chance to do any craft this week : (


Kaylee said...

Aww, a very busy week, when you get the professional pic you will have to post it on here. I bet alfie is really big now! kaylee x

Househund said...

You could always give the tool to Alfie.. with his colouring skills it would be orange in no time at all lol

Anonymous said...

came on here hoping you had put a picture of the ketchup damage on so am a bit disappointed!!!!!!
ha ha xxxxxx