15 November 2009

5 Things

I am having trouble adding photos today :( so it's just the 5 things!!

1. Watched Coraline (loved it but have to admit scared the pants off me in places LOL).
2. Had a layout published in Scrapbook inspirations.
3. We all went to my friend Tonis for the scrummiest curry (she cooks the best!).
4. Finished my Christmas Shopping (except for one small gift).
5. Took Alfie on a bus for the first time.


Annalisa said...

sorry that I won't be able to see your pics today, but loved your "5 things" I bet Alfie had fun on the bus :)!!
oh lucky you, we haven't started yet any xmas shopping!!

nimnam said...

cant believe you have DONE your xmas shopping!!!!! especially as you were trying to hold off as long as possible to even start it!!!
you are def more organised than me!!
well done on being a magazine star again xxxx