13 November 2009

Warning bragging moment: Scrapbook Inspirations Sketch.

The last Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine goes on sale today. This layout features as part of the sketch challenge on Page 44.
I decided that all patterned paper would be made and everything used would be recycled!!
I used bubble wrap to make the patterned background.
Tore the card edges for texture.
Stamped the snowflakes using clear embossing powder (added glitter to the powder to give it some sparkle).
Used tissue paper from a present for journalling block.
Used electrical envelope to cut title (QK Blossom)
Using my finger rubbed some acrylic paint around the photo edges.
Oh Yes and used a sketch drawn by Charlotte Lowndes.

The team will be back next year with quarterly bookzines?? Not sure what they are!!


Kaylee said...

Is that person me ? lol
i want it to snow again!

Annalisa said...

Awwwww...This Layout is simply awesome!!!It looks so perfect, and love the colours and writings..
And the bacground, genial idea..looks like it snowed on the paper:)
Love all your creations!

Househund said...

Firstly... LOVE LOVE Love the layout.. could this be Lorna.. stamping snowflakes. AND having them published. I love the colours.. I how clever you've been with all the elements..(bubble wrap etc)You Go Girl!

For your Friend..
Just enjoy Scrapbooking..and remember there's no right and wrong.. If you like it.. them it's OK! (then you can make cards aswell