30 November 2009

I loved making this one:

How cheeky does he look?
Watching childrens tv does have some plus points. I got the bubble painting idea from Mister Maker (I love this programme the arty ideas are fantastic and so easy to make).
The stamps and rub ons are actually Christmas ones but I will be using them lots and probably never at Christmas.
In the last picture he has a crown on his head with the letter A on it. After all, he is the King of his Pogo Centre.
The photo actually makes the layout seem quite dull but in real life the colours "pop" from the page.

1.Tim cut his eye on his van door.
2.Charlie had a reading in his Christingle assembly and did it very well, especially as last minute he was also asked to read someone elses words.
3.Alfie sat all the way through the assembly good as gold.
4.Charlie has been excellent at tidying and doing his home work.
5.We put our Christmas tree up (just the tree).

Thanks for looking.


Househund said...

Ahh the Tree is up.. I bet Charlie is so pleased.. and what does little Alfie make of it.. they just love the light's.
Love these pics of Alfie.. he really is such a sweetie.. fancy sitting through Charlie's assembly.
I think he would have been happy sitting anywhere with Mum..

Love the bubbles.. come on .. tell us how it's done!!!!

Annalisa said...

Lovely lovely post!!!:)
Love the new layout, it gives a feeling of lightheartedness :)
really a wonderful work!(love the little crown!)
Oh, and sorry for Tim :/, congratulations to Charlie!!I'm gona put Xmas tree up soon as well :) cannot wait!