2 December 2009

Into double figures today!!


Today he is ten!! He tried VERY hard to get the day off school. He wore his coat partly undone to show off his birthday badge!
He had lots of pressies and the postman has just brought some more while I am typing this. He also has a suprise chocolate cake waiting complete with 10 candles.

For those of you getting ready to post festive parcels do not do what I did.
After standing in the Post Office queue for 35minutes, got to the front and as handing over parcels realised I had only wrote the names, no addresses!!

Right, off to feel some parcels...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday charlie!!!!!!
hopefully one of those parcels is ours to you!!!!!!
oh wow look at the box of rabbids, what a lucky 10 year old!!!!!!
love auntie naomi x x x

Anonymous said...

Happy 10th Birthday Charlie
From, Katie xx

Annalisa said...

happy birthday Charlie!
I hope he as enjoyed his cake!
Take care,