11 November 2009

A layout and 5 things!

I,ve seen this technique used alot in cardmaking and decided to give it a go!
The embellishments are chipboard shapes and circles cut from patterned paper.

Now for my 5 things:
1. Alfie has his 3rd tooth.
2. Alfie now says WOW! (I didn't realise how much I said it)
3. Charlie tidied up his stuff without being asked!
4. Alfie no longer has any clothes 3-6 months.
5. Have it in writing that my recent car bump was NOT my fault.
6. We went on train ride at the park.
7. Charlie saw UP! at cinema.

Now Halloween is finished Charlie has
8. started singing Christmas songs!!
9. counting down the days til his birthday (double figures this year yikes!!)
10. given me a date to put out the Christmas decs!

I know it was really 10 but forgot last weeks.
Thanks for looking.


Annalisa said...

aww..this new layout is simply wonderful!!! you're really talented( I don't think i could ever make scrapbook!)
and you're always soooo kind to leave such lovely comments on my blog!
Oh and I read that Alfie has his 3rd tooth now!!( Those nice times are gone for me!:'()Enjoy those moments as much as you can ^.^
Oh and UP! is a lovely movie :)
p.s: Your blog is amazing, and u have the time to do all those things..!this is even more amazing!

Househund said...

I like this L/O A LOT...
Everything really Pops off the page...I think it's my favorite so far!!!
Well Done Charlie for tidying up all by yourself.. wouldn't have anything to do with Christmas coiming would it... lol
I love the idea of listing 5 things.. Well Done Lorna