6 November 2009

Some Photos...

Charlie made a "den". It was just big enough to lay and watch telly in. What more does a den need then a blanket roof and cushions!

As Alfie rolls around he often bangs his head on the laminate so a relative gave us this (huge) rug. Where does Alfie lay - the tiny bit of laminate left! This is because it's near his new "toy" the DVD player...He doesn't sit up properly yet and he doesn't pull himself up yet BUT Boy Oh Boy he can get to the player quick!

On personal note, THANK YOU very much for all the comments you leave, and Hello to some new blog followers. It is greatly appreciated that people read and enjoy the blog.


Annalisa said...

...This was so kind of you!Adding me and my daughter to the blogs' list which inspires you, I was simply amazed!!
Thank you really much Lorna..and, you gave me an idea :) I may publish soon a fave blogs' list too sooner or later...I just have to see better some other blogs before doing it, but, you and your scrap art will be on the list for sure- I think I told you I admire your scrapping skill before!-
Take care dear blogfriend,

Anonymous said...

Photo and comment on Alfie really made me smile this morning :o) Love him xx From, Katie

Househund said...

I used to love building a tent when I was a kid...That picture brought back some memories.
Hope you have fun Charile..
As for Alfie..your going to have to put a crash helmet on him .lol...