14 December 2009


This is Alfies Rag Book.
It has a photo of himself, then with mum, with dad, 2 with Big bro.
I was going to use Dylon Image Maker but wasn't happy with the result and after numerous attempts decided to use the actual photos. This was after testing them thoroughly  and was suprised that even immersed in water the photos remained undamaged.
The only negative point was the photo corners being quite sharp so, using embroidery thread, I sewed a cross in each corner to cover this problem.
The title on the cover has been hand stitched.
I found this rag book very easy to make and really enjoyed doing it. Hope Alfie likes it.

1. Charlie (and his friend) won the Talent show, they came top out of the 3 chosen groups (class heats, next is year heats, very proud!)
2. Alfie met Santa at the mums & tots party (wasn't bothered by him)
3. He sat through his big brothers (long hour and half) Christmas concert good as gold.
4. Changed his sleep routine, trying to settle him without giving him milk.
5. He's now on cows milk and he loves it.
6. Auntie Dianne came, it was great to see her (and Rex)
7. Watched new Harry Potter. Still prefer the book.
Both my boys have made me very proud this week.

Right off to do some housework!

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Annalisa said...

wonderful new book, love the colours, so bright!!and the way you embroidered the photos...great!
Lovely post, as usual!