18 December 2009



It's Alfie first snow and I think he appreciated it more from under the raincover. I only left him for few seconds while shut front door. Love his expression.
Charlie is not at school, where we live it is ankle deep and don't fancy trying to push the pram through it.
It is still falling heavily and lovely big flakes. It is so pretty. Loving the crunch it makes under your feet.

This time next week is CHRISTMAS DAY!!!


Annalisa said...

Lovely post!!!Oh snow, how I would love to see it here..Alfie's photo is really nice!:) such a sweet expression!
:)And you just reminded me of next week,it will be Christmas and I still have so many things to do!!!

Leeann Pearce said...

Oh my how awesome does that snow look.... we just don't get that where i live.... it's going to be a hot hot Christmas once again... and we will spent most of the time in the pool... but that's OK... it's a Aussie Christmas....I did once have a white Christmas... when I was working in surrey in England it started to snow on the 18th December 1999... i even have a photo of me writing it in the snow...lol fantastic pics Lorna..and i love alfies name and that little book you made... cute fish hehehehe..anyway i posted a mag to you last week hopefully you will get it soon...thanks so much for all your comments of late... wish you and your family a merry Christmas and will catch you in the new year... mwah leeann xx

Househund said...

This is my fav pic of Alfie so far.. he's such a darling. His first taste of snow.. but I must say he dosen't really look impressed.lol