22 December 2009


This is still the scene from the bottom of our street.

Well some random things from the past week:
1.Charlie and his cousin met Fireman Sam.
2.Alfie and Charlie both poorly (one has cold, the other a sickness bug).
3.Charlie had a BAD fall at school, he has a graze which looks like goatee on his chin and a scab which covers his knee cap.
4.Sister gave me a hippychick band: like a shelf you strap to your hip for baby to sit on, takes weight off when carrying him. Brilliant totally reccommend!
5.Brought new pram.
6.Actually made 3 Christmas cards.

2 more sleeps to go!!!

1 comment:

Annalisa said...

:) only 2 more sleeps and it will be Christmas!Feels like there's still a lot to do though( buy food, ideas for the Christmas lunch, etc...)
Lovely post, sad to hear about Charlie and Alfie both feeling poorly, my best wishes to them!
Enjoy your Christmas with your family!