23 December 2009

A Christmas greeting.

To friends and family, far and near,
Christmas Day will soon be here.
So thinking of you all, i'd just like to say:
Have a really, really, great Christmas Day.

Next time we meet you will all:
   be blown out on turkey (or whatever you choose),
   have a floor covered in wrapping paper,
   have a pile of bits and pieces which can be used for craft.
   be wondering where to put everything,
        (and if you're me wishing you had been more ruthless when clearing out),
   taken photos galore,
   written a list for Thank you notes, (theres always one person you forget),
   have recieved a card or present from someone you forgot to include,
   reflecting on the year past, what opportunities lay ahead...
 ...Had a great Christmas Day.

1 comment:

Annalisa said...

Hi dear Lorna,
Long time no-see!hope you had a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year;
I also wanted to give you this award for your blog..You just have to clock on the link below and follow the directions!