7 January 2010

New Year News...


Well how has 2010 been so far??
It has been a while since my last post but alot has been happening in my household and here is a quick catch up:

1. We all suffered a sickness bug over Christmas except Alfie he had a poorly ear (requiring antibiotics)
2. Alfie now claps his hands.
3. He now climbs.
4. He now pulls himself up to standing on any object he can (nervously chattering while doing so) if he can't pull himself up he climbs over it.
5. We now have baby gates fitted.
6. Have donated his pogo centre to a local play centre.
7. New school term started.
8. Charlie got 30/35 in a recent spelling test and now moved up a group.
9. We have had more snow.
10. I realised I do have a competitive streak when playing on the Wii.
11. Have actually tidied my craft table so you can now see the cloth and the legs are no longer bowing.
12. Been given a blog award, which I will post later today...Thank you so much Annalisa :)

Wishing you all good health and happiness for 2010 and will be back soon.


Househund said...

Fantastic Picture...
What's this about a blog award?
Happy New Year!!

Annalisa said...

:-) How lovely they are!
Well your 2010 seems already full of nice things!:) congratulations to Charlie for his recent achievement!!
:)oh and I love when you bring us up to date on Alfie's growth, it's something I really enjoy!
Well,your 2010 will have more and more good days ahead!Wish you well,

nimnam said...

wondered what had happened to you as you havent been updating us all!!!!
we actually have snow this time too, about 25cms!!!!!! dec still had to go school tho ;(
have u got ur wii connected to the internet, if so we could have a proper wright vs batch competition xxxx
happy new year, catch u again soon ;)