13 January 2010

Some craft!!

Firstly, regarding my last post I am still trying to get the awards sent to those listed.
Right it's been awhile but some craftyness. I am a lucky girl and get given lots of goodies. I wanted to show that I do appreciate them, and even though I keep them to admire for far too long, I do use them.
I LOVE my Bind-it-all and noticed on the blog that they do a stamp storage kit. I haven't found it available in the UK, so I decided to make one, but wasn't sure what size to make it. Then...
Thank you Ros for my acrylic covers just what I needed. I loved making this project and the the hardest part was waiting for each colour to dry before painting the next one.
I painted my Rhonda Farrer swirls stamps with acrylic paint and stamped onto the cover.
The white paper is there to help the finished image stand out.

There is a magazine called Scrapbooking memories, which isn't available here but you can buy back copies. They are more like an ideas book and always packed full of great layouts. I stumbled across the blog of a very talented lady who designs for this magazine. She kindly sent me a copy of the magazine and some chipboard shapes she designed. One of these is the border used in the above layout.
The photos used in this layout aren't the best quality but they are mportant to me as they show his early smiles.

Usually a layout can be made in one evening the above took 4 days!!! I forgot how demanding (but gorgeous) young babies can be LOL
Whilst typing this it has not stopped snowing all day. If it keeps up through the night I can see tomorrow being a snowman and snow angel day!! Yippee.


Househund said...

Wow Wow Wow.. I love it..Love the bright colours and you've found a stamping weakness of mine Rhonda Farrer clear stamps..

Alfies layout makes me feel as if he's laying on a rainbow.. it's so clever..and worth the four days work and the photos' just seem to fit and quite "Arty" they way he's taken out of the frame.

As Always A Triumph

Annalisa said...

Another wonderful work, dear Lorna!
I just read your comment about the award..well, the only thing you have to do is to write a comment on each winner's blog, telling them that you want to pass them on a blog award..you done perfectly anyway, since you posted the links!
Did I already say that your last work looks fabolous?
love the swirls, bright colours, so lovely!