29 January 2010

Craft and Catch Up...

I had these cardboard shapes on the table and Charlie asked if they were magnets.
Bam inspiration hit...The results...
These first 2 sets have been made from a Charlie and Lola set. The little characters are game pieces.

These were a bargain (75p) in Boots sale. They are Chrismas decorations but I have taken the ribbon off and then added the magnet to the back.

The Bros. How cheeky are these two??

This is Alfie going for a nap in the day. His expression says it all.

Charlie announced he is going to join the Homework club on Tuesday Lunchtimes.
His class had a coffee morning at school for the elderly in the community.
I now wait for him outside the school gates and he comes to me. I'm part proud and part sad about this move as it makes me realise he is growing up:(
Alfie waves Bye but only when he wants to and usually to a character on TV when they say Bye.
He has found Mummys craft room and that the drawers pull open and are full of bright coloured papers.
He copied mum saying "Ow, no" (in response to her hair being pulled).
I have signed up for a Family History course with Helen, it starts end of Feb.
Tim brought me the new Paolo Nutini CD.

Thank you for all your kind and positive comments.
Ros: the circle wording on the pink card is a stamp, an old wooden one.
Funny story: when I first started crafting I was looking at stamps but didn't buy them because I didn't like the colour of the picure on the front. Yes, I thought this is how it would turn out...
Annalisa: If I lived nearer I would make cards as a trade off for your food (esp puddings!!)


Martina said...

I have been visiting often your wonderful blog, but never been brave enough to leave a comment ... I admit I don't understand much of Scrapbooking, I mean I wouldn't be good at all (!) but I LOVE looking at your works, really enjoy that!
Once I got a scrapped card, I may post it on my blog to show you, it's a Sarah Kay's one-I love her along with Holly Hobbie!-

Wonderful post, and wonderful work you did with magnets!Sooo nice!Love reading your updates about your family, and by the way, I published a thankyou post for you and another follower of mine. :) Just thought I would say you this!


Househund said...

Oh I absolutley adore those magnets.. how much fun are they.. so young and funky,..
Charlie and Alfie are such darlings together... and you know that I would be laughing my socks off..(if I had any on) over the story of the coloured stamps..
Oh Lorna.. your such a darling lol

Annalisa said...

Hi dear Lorna,

I just saw the nice comment from Charlie on Cleo's birthday.
So nice of him!
And also wanted to comment on this wonderful post,what a lovely work you did, turning them into magnets!!!
You're so talented!
:) Love the pictures of your wonderful children!And the updates, as always...I would never miss them out!!!

nimnam said...

ha ha the picture of alfie is soooooo funny, he's smirking at you lorna, i bet as soon as u went downstairs he was planning his next cheeky move xxxxx cant wait to see him again soon xxxx and charlie of course xxxxx