31 January 2010

Well it has happened...

...our 10 year old son showed his clueless 30(something) parents how to work the iplayer.

A best friend is like a four leaf clover,
hard to find and lucky to have.
(taken from BazzillBasicPaper advertisment)

Scrapping is love made visible...
(taken from RUBY ROCK-IT advertisment)

Nature does not hurry,
yet everything is accomplished.
(taken from Write.Click.Scrapbook website, sunday photo + words)
After years of being told "don't put off til tomorrow what you can do today" this qoute that suits me better.

When feeling at my very best,
When the house is clean and neat,
When i've lots and lots of leisure,
And i'm not run off my feet,
No-one comes to see me -
I have put it to the test -
But when i'm extra busy,
When i'm worried and oppressed,
When my fruit cake in the oven
decides to droop and sag,
When i have no time to dress with care,
And feel an awful hag -
When my stocking springs a ladder,
From ankle to the knee -
Why is it that my friends decide
To come and call on me?
-Miriam Eker.
(taken from PEOPLES FRIEND ANNUAL 1983)
OK, so i've never baked a fruit cake but the rest seems so true...

Have a good weekend blog readers.
If you have a favourite quote don't be afraid to share.


Annalisa said...

The photo of Charlie along with the lines below it, make a brilliant match! looks like he knows a thing or two about Iplayer :)

Love your quotes, and love the post of today..I have read it several times, and am reading it again ( I forgot for the 10th time to leave a comment!!),because I really like this kind of posts!

Love the quote about Scrapping...It really suits you, every work of yours is pure LOVE!

Great post and thanks for sharing!


Househund said...

Great Quotes.. I esp love the one about nature..
I think you should have a go at making a fruit cake.. Looking forward to seeing THAT L/O

Your quote is Oh so True but hey life is to short.. and true friends will take you as you are.

Happy Baking!!

Sarah Lou said...

yep I need my 10 year old to teach me stuff as well!!!

naomi xx said...

that poem is so true for me too, except i dont make fruit cake either and i dont wear stockings...well i do but seeing as u r my husbands sister it prob wouldnt be right for me to discuss that with you!!!lol, but yes the poem is true about people turning up when my house is at its worse!!!!!