24 January 2010

For a change - some cards...

I have a list of 4 Birthday cards (done 3), 2 Congrats cards (done 1), Get well card (done),
I've tried to keep them simple, the top one is a magazine kit and the bottom 2 using free papers.
Scrapbooking is still the preferred hobby because I don't have to worry if people like them.

Right, what's been happening in the Wright household recently:
Charlie has moved up a Times Table group,
He has also started a Victorian project which he loves doing...homework he enjoys that's BIG news,
He complained the words on his new CD were wrong : It says School is cool!
His school has banned children playing TIG.
We have thrown out all Alfies bottles, he is now on soft cup teats,
Alfie now stands up in his cot,
Has been "playing" with paint,
Held onto something one handed for a few seconds.

This is Alfies new TV pose. We don't encourage it but as soon as you put him down he is up again, weather the TV is on or off.


Annalisa said...

Oh these look wonderful! :) I would ask you to make some for me, if only you lived closer!Here I don't really know anyone who does scrapping ...:) I personally like it very much, and your works are always so original!
:D P.S.: I love reading your household updates!


Househund said...

I agree with Annalisa..
Reading your updates are really fun.
Charlie liking homework...
Alfie obviously likeing the TV... and off ALL his bottles.. not even one for bed time.. he's growing up so fast.
Love your cards.. Please stop worrying about them... there's nothing to worry about. Each time you had over or send a card.. you give a little part of you. How could anyone not like that... esp love the pink one. Have you used a stamp for the writing?

nimnam said...

love the paddington card xxxxx
could alfie BE any closer to the tele??????? bless him xxxx