17 January 2010


This is a first for me a layout that has ended up exactly as I pictured it!!

The cheeky chipboard birdy came flying through the post and I decided to fancy him up.
1. Pressed silver foil onto the cage, purposely didn't make it perfect as wanted to see design through it.
2. Wrapped embroidery floss around the branch, for texture.
3. Flocked the bird, added dot for eye.
4. Twine was tied to top and strip of Cosmic Cricket paper added behind.

The 2 paper birds are from old Ladybird book, handcut the branch and word WATCH.
Thank you for looking.


Annalisa said...

Lovely layout! so sweet! Love it with the birds :)
makes me think of spring!
:) Great work

Leeann Pearce said...

Oh Lorna.... thats fant6astic... love that you wrapped it in foil...great thinking...awesome LO and a great start to 2010... by the way thanks sooo much for the award... and i will get to it... as there are some talented girls i would like to recognize for sure... so when i get back from a little holiday i am about to go on... i have plenty of time to post it... once again thanks heaps and for stopping by and saying hello too... hope that snow has settle a wee bit...bye for now... leeann xx

Househund said...

Oh Alfie looks so like Tim in this picture. He's such a lovely baby

Sarah Lou said...

Such a darling layout!!! love the bird in the cage!