16 February 2010

A bit of this and that...

I can never pass a PAPERCHASE without popping in.
The eye candy is just delish!!
I also always end up buying something even if it's a packet of stickers.
Well here is my recent shop:
How stinking cute are these sticky notes. 
Have already used them in Alfies journal.
Wrapping paper.
This is the type of scrapbooking paper that leaps out at me so had to have it. A WHOLE ROLL!
Already punched out some of the elements for Charlies and Alfie journal.
(more) Wrapping paper.
This is a single sheet but it's so thick.
I think to be honest I brought this just to look at.
It reminded me of the storybook illustrations from my childhood.

WARNING, bragging moment:
This layout features in this months edition of The Scrapbook Magazine.
The layout in the magazine looks quite dark but it's actually quite bright.
The bottom picture shows the title block close up.
Frame: is sissix bookplate,
He's: Charlie & Lola sticker set,
So: HOTP letter brads,
Sweet: QK dragonfly cut from flocked paper
giraffe, heart, star stickers: accessorize

A (family) catch up:
Charlies parent evening went well and his teacher is very pleased with him.
Alfie had the swine flu jab, can't really tell if had any effect as had rotten cold anyway.
Big bro brought poorly baby bro an "in the night garden" book.
Got some new glasses. (I am NEVER buying from Boots again, next year it's good old Specsavers at least the price you see is the price you pay).
Actually started work on Alfies Journal.
My nephew had his birthday.
My other nephew (his brother) has a big plaster on his arm after a trip downstairs didn't go as smoothly as usual :(


Annalisa said...

Hi Lorna, long time no see!
Wonderful sticky notes :) Love the design of them!!!!

Love the layout, so colourful!!
Happy birthday to your nephew and I hope his brother will get well soon!


Househund said...

Ok.. why don't we have a Paperchase. I love, Love, Love wrapping paper. The ones you've picked up in store are super cute!
Published again...
and why not..you've put your own twist on the L/O Your work is bright it's modern and fresh and with Alfie in the picture.. who wouldn't love it! :o)

Annalisa said...

Hi Lorna,I have an award for you,go and visit my blog!
Have a lovely day.